I brought my bunny outside today...

As some of you may know, and as most of you may not know, I live with a bunny companion that I adopted from a rescue center. I've been living with her for about half a year now, and spoiling her like none other. I used to have an entire "craft" room to myself, where I kept my painting supplies, doll-making stuff, cintiq, and computer. Since saving this rabbit (quite literally, it turns out she was on the euthanasia list for the following week), she has just taken up my entire room. The floor is covered with her cardboard box tunnels, a cottontail cottage, little toys here and there, tons of hay, and of course, her 3-story condo that I built with my boyfriend.

ANYWAY. She's lovely, really. I don't mind sharing my space with her. She's been a real joy to have around (and occasionally a real sassy pain!). I happened by the pet store today and after briefly talking it over with my bf, we decided we would try purchasing a harness and a leash because we've noticed that my bunny (named Ramona Willow Flowers) really loves exploring. She's not much of a chewer or a digger, but just loves running around in new places. Just imagine what that would do to her to be outside for the FIRST time. What is that like for a rabbit? All those new sounds and smells - I thought that she would just love it.

So, that's what we did. We bought the harness, and agreed that we would take her out at around 4pm ... just so to not put her in direct sunlight. I live in California, so the weather is warm right now and the sun is just a-beaming. Putting her in the harness was a real struggle, I knew she would hate it. She kept trying to bite at the thing and running away when I went to pick her up. Eventually, I coaxed her into my arms with some treats, and then put her outside. She instantly took to it! Maybe she seemed a little freaked out at first, but after the first 5 minutes, she was obviously very excited and happy. I couldn't resist taking a video and putting some "cute" music with it. I thought that a Chrono Trigger soundtrack would do just nicely.

Without further ado, please watch the video because really, bunnies are just cute. It doesn't even matter that it's mine! She just melts my heart, really.