Unrequited Love

I need to get better at updating this thing :) There's just too many social media sites to keep track of now! This past weekend, I managed to finish another illustration that I'm actually quite proud of. I feel like this year is kicking off to a good start. I'm noticing that my work is improving, and that in itself is wonderful motivation to keep working at getting better.

It started out as an attempt at drawing something outside of my comfort zone, which would be a manly man burlesque type figure (i.e the centaur), but he kept getting smaller and smaller in my painting, until it became more of a story. Suddenly, this image was about a centaur chasing after his nymph love and trying to propose (I suppose before the satyrs got to her first?). Anyways, she has pretty much had enough of them trying to woo her, and scurries up into the trees to hide herself from their view.

I had a lot of fun with this painting, and I'm super excited that it only took about 2 days (off and on) to complete. I'm getting faster overall, though I need to definitely push myself further, and possibly do some anatomy studies.