Princess Irene

I'm putting together a new portfolio to showcase some concept art. The personal project is based around "The Princess and The Goblin" by George MacDonald, one of my favorite stories! In the end, I want several characters, some concept paintings, and character interaction sketches.

To start, I began by creating thumbnails of the silhouette that I wanted for the character. This is the first time I have ever really done this, so they're pretty sloppy. I hope to improve it over time.

The top two rows are the sketch shapes, while the bottom row was taking some of the shapes that I liked and refining them a little bit.

Of the thumbnails, I really liked the two shapes in the middle. I wanted a poofy skirt with some pretty shoulder detailing. I began refining those details and then combined the ones I liked into the characters below:

Next, I started on building up form & value via a greyscale rendering process.

I'm still not 100% completely happy with it. There's something about the face that kind of bothers me, and I would love to add a bolder pattern to the bottom of her dress. I'm thinking of also playing with some textures to give the dress a heavy material look, as if she is wearing a very simple shape, but with a fabric that fits with her royal princess status.