A failed painting attempt and some new sketches

I've been working hard on studying some male anatomy, which is my poor excuse as to why I haven't been posting anything on this page in a while! I have a real hard time sharing my study work, but i hope that once I begin applying it to sketches and paintings, it will become evident. 

I started this new painting idea based on some inspiration I had from a song. I wanted something a little creepy, but still very sentimental. The concept behind it is that this man is a necromancer who was blamed for the cause of a plague that swept through a village. He fled while others remained, and lost his daughter in the chaos. A week or so later, he returned and summoned his daughter back from the grave.

 At this point in the process, I really liked how it was looking. I didn't want to fully render it out as a painting, but I did want to try my hand at creating depth using out-of-focus areas with detailed areas, as well was practicing my values. 

 Along the way, I was beginning to get really frustrated. The colors weren't coming out as I wanted them. I was aiming for a foggy, after-the-storm forest look, but I couldn't get away from wanting to do bright greens and warm sunlight. I expressed my unhappiness to my boyfriend, who took a look at it and said that he thought the composition, perspective, and color scheme were all too similar to things I had done in the past. Frustrated by this, I realized that he was right and decided to scrap it. I still love the idea though, and may come back to it at some point and try to make it better. For now, here is a closeup of the characters.

I've also been super busy with work this week, so to unwind a bit I went very loose with some sketches. They weren't planned out and don't make a lot of sense, but it was nice to just doodle without a sense of purpose.