ArtCamp Week 1

I started up Noah Bradley's art camp a little early (it does not officially start until the 21st of May), but I was very excited to jump in and get my feet wet with it. It looks like it's going to be a really great 12 week course and I look forward to pushing myself in my studies!

The first week is to study paintings from master artists. The idea behind it is that bad art loses itself through time and the good art is remembered and recognized as such. Finding the good, classic art that is timeless can really help improve a learning artist's skillset. I felt very drawn to William Bouguereau, John William Waterhouse, and John Singer Sargent. You'll notice that most of my studies below came from Bouguereau because I am simply in love with his figure work and color palettes. I draw a lot of inspiration from him and would like to carry over some of what I learned into my own pieces. 

I wasn't really focusing on detail a whole lot, which is why the thumbnails are so tiny. I was really just eyeballing the colors and trying to become very accurate with what I was seeing. The two larger images at the bottom were ones that I decided I wanted to spend a little extra time on. I really look forward to doing more of these and can't wait to get started on next week's assignments!