Daily Sketch 1.7.2015

Wednesday was a long and tiring day. I was exhausted from going in and meeting my managers and coworkers at Apple yesterday and focused most of my morning on errands and chores. My Cintiq21UX stopped working a few months ago and I finally called Wacom to get it taken care of. It needed to be mailed in, so I dropped it off and then continued with more mundane human-related things. I didn't start work until around 4pm, and so most of my evening was spent catching up on my job hours. I was incredibly tired in the evening, but still wanted to crank out a daily sketch to continue my new year's drawing-a-day project. Unfortunately, I didn't learn anything from this as it was such a quick doodle, but I decided to post it anyway to keep the momentum going. I will just need to accept that, sometimes, the drawings will be bad and that's okay. I also forgot to post it last night (bad!) so I will be making two posts today. ;)