The Saint & The Seraph

The Saint & The Seraph
Gently, firmly, his hands curled around her trembling figure. Her heart fluttered in the semblance of a dozen frightened birds, and however tightly he held, it failed to ease the aching desire she had to collapse at the closeness - and the reality - of him. 

“My little seraph,” he crooned, and her eyes broke to shed water upon her cheeks. “how 
tremulous you are.”

“It’s you,” she managed, her voice timorous and uncertain.

“It’s me,” he answered, pressing long fingers into her face and along the delicate coils of dark hair. The bow of his lips dipped to tease along her temple, and paused there to whisper into the ticked ear that mirrored his own. His words, though his breath was hot against her cool skin, chilled her until she shivered in the cage of his arms. “Your father."


This illustration was created for my personal story, Eislyn. The story tells the tragic tale of Eislyn (formerly named Eiko), who was a character that I roleplayed many years ago (between the ages of 13-21).

 In the image, she comes face-to-face with her father, who previously had been nothing but a ghost of shadow that haunted and frightened her.  It was inspired by a drawing I did when I was 16 of the same two characters.

I tried to stay true to the original, but decided to change the color of the outfit from blue to red because I felt it looked better. I also wanted to bring her closer in to have the feeling like she's caged in her father's arms, and the wings aren't there to protect her, but rather, to claim her.

In the original image, she also looks more afraid than in the new rendition. At first, I played with giving her a similar expression, but storywise, I like it better to have her oblivious to any danger. She's tentative and wary, but also drawn in.
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