pricing sample

Card art - $225

The breakdown cost of the card is as follows:

  • UI Design
  • Illustration
  • Icons

More about the individual pricing can be viewed below.

ui Design - $50 // icons - $25

The UI final design and all of its iterations + revisions comes to $50.

If icons are required, you can have 4 for $25. Additional icons cost $10 per design.


character illustration - $150

The character illustration cost includes all of the sketches and revisions.

This price is for a half-character(not full body).


Painting Process

  • 3 Rough Sketches ( for non-characters, these would be 3 thumbnail illustrations)
  • 1 Final Sketch (black and white)
  • Final Illustration

illustration pricing samples

Characters vs. Illustrations vary in pricing depending on complexity of the piece. This will be discussed if we choose to move forward together.