“Can I find starlight?” I asked. “Can I fly to the moon and paint the sky, too?”
“Yes,” my mother answered. “Anyone can, but not everyone will. It requires dedication and skill, but most importantly: love. Find what you love to do and create with your soul—then, starlight will come to you.”

I held that hope for many years.


A RISING STAR is currently a work in progress.

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As a child, Willa’s dream was to be among the moon rabbits who paint the sky each night with beautiful new constellations.  

However, she settles for a complacent adult life as an unfulfilled kale farmer: sketching the fields as a hobby,and believing she’s not skilled enough to be among the stars.

Serendipity strikes, and her dreams reignite! Willa breaks out of the comfort of her routine and quests for a way to reach the stars.

Though her dreams are lofty, worry weighs her down, and she must grapple with her invasive self-doubt and fear of failure.

Discovering your purpose is one of life’s most challenging pursuits. Like all of us, Willa must struggle to let go of who she thinks she should be, and embrace her true potential. Only then will she rise to the stars.


A RISING STAR is a picture book for all ages. Children will enjoy the whimsical story and images, while adults will also appreciate the deeper themes of transitioning to adulthood, overcoming personal limitations, and finding your purpose.