She looked as though she'd been born from the darkness between the stars...



Shadow Singer is an estimated 85,000 word dark fantasy novel targeted for young & new adults.

It's been my dream project since I was 15 and was inspired by my many years of online fantasy role-playing games.



The city of Bel LeMura is on the brink of a civil war as tensions rise between the half-breed minorities and elvan rulers.

In the tumultuous capital, a young princess named Eislyn—A half-breed adopted into the
royal family—opens her eyes to the injustice in the city.

Meanwhile, her biological father mysteriously appears and manipulates her into an alliance to
disrupt the city’s power and overthrow the monarchy.

Unbeknownst to Eislyn, he will go beyond the normal means to achieve this by trespassing into the realm of forbidden magicks.


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