Forbidden (poem)


As evening's arrest prompts cryptic delight,

I succumb to an ache, a want, a plight.

A darkened lust with hopes too impure,

Beckons now like a forbidden lure.


To which the tainted passions arise,

With sanguine bliss for an expected prize.

Upon her face, the imposing desire,

from one untruthful; a shackled liar.


The spoken word of a deceiving tongue

Seeks to yearn, to crave, to succumb.

The condemnable longing of licentious eyes,

Searches her body, her mouth, her thighs.


Her smiles—so sweet, so serene—so true

Understand not to which my torture is dUe.

Affection is stolen from her heart unknowing,

Guilt despairs me,  the tears begin flowing.


A kiss of intention muffles my cries,

But a wish for her love, the future denies.

Head in my hands, to her innocence I weep

For the crime of desire, its penalties are steep.


Silently, she leaves with ardor suppressed,

And I finally fall, my head to my chest.

Of all the times in which fervor was meant,

Her promise was ruined by the innocent.